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The Editor-in-Chief of Busted Halo, Bill McGarvey, has announced that he’s stepping down after six years at the helm: I am very proud of this site’s transformation into the vibrant multi-media platform that it is today. The discussion happening on …Read More

Not only that, but it’s named for a beloved pope. From AFP: The beer is cheap, the waiters are talkative and the music is 1960s Motown — but the new pub that opened its doors this week in a historic …Read More

That’s the provocative question at the heart of this piece in the Detroit Free Press, which looks at how churches and synagogues are using social media as never before: Religious groups are increasingly trying to harness the power of social …Read More

The clever video below, from the good people at Busted Halo, tells us everything you need to know about the feast we celebrate Sunday. H/T Concord Pastor (with an added wave of the deacon stole out to Mike Hayes in …Read More

“I’m not sure if the marketing world took it from Jesus, but there are some basic principles that apply like: People buy from people they like. When you evangelize, you don’t want to come around with a stick and beat …Read More

During my recent visit to Cincinnati, I spent a pleasant hour sipping coffee at “The Catholic Cafe,” the radio show hosted by Deacon Jeff Drzycimski. The program we taped is now online for those who’d like to hear Your Humble …Read More

It’s not a self-help group (not yet, anyway) but the influx of anonymous commenters, who can say anything without really taking responsibility for their words, can pose problems on news sites and, as I’ve discovered, in the blogosphere. CNN takes …Read More

Recently, Elizabeth “The Anchoress” Scalia posted about attending a Catholic writer’s conference. Some of her (always interesting!) impressions can be found right here. But if you want to see more — and hear from The A herself! — check out …Read More

“Secular media often falls into a trap of being cynical, disrespectful and sensationalist. Whatever is rudest or most sensational is what they often gravitate to. Catholic media can model what a civil, substantive media can and should be. Civil, substantive …Read More

The good folks at the National Catholic Register have done a story about my station NET: When the Brooklyn, N.Y., Diocese decided to launch a new faith-based cable TV channel to replace their Prayer Channel, they had no trouble with …Read More