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A reminder: “The Deacon’s Bench” is closed! Please enjoy the archives!

Starting Monday, December 13th, you’ll find it at  Check out the new site here. Come by for a visit. And remember to change your bookmarks!

Things are moving along — ha! — over at my new home. When you have a minute, stop by and check it out. A reminder: “The Deacon’s Bench” will be relocated over there on Monday, December 13th. Reset your bookmarks! …Read More

If you missed the news yesterday, “The Deacon’s Bench” is relocating. Beginning Monday, December 13th, you can find it right here. Feel free to drop by and look around.  Meantime, I’ll still be here, rounding up the cattle.

After 15 happy months here at Beliefnet, and several weeks of hand-wringing and finger-drumming while I make up my mind, I’ve decided to pull up stakes and relocate “The Deacon’s Bench” to another site. Beginning next Monday, December 13th, you’ll …Read More

That’s the name of an ambitious, surprisingly powerful project undertaken by photographer Steven Golder. He’s been taking photographs of hands — some of them breathtaking in their simplicity and beauty — but not just any hands. They are the hands …Read More

And if you need a gentle reminder of the ground rules and guidelines, they’re right here. Happy Advent!

… to those who are wondering why the “comment” feature has disappeared, I wrote about it here. Basically, I decided to close down comments for the first week of Advent, to give everyone (especially me) a breather. This is similar …Read More

Details: On Friday Pope Benedict XVI urged Catholic journalists to “courageously serve the truth, presenting the reasons for faith beyond ideological visions”. He was speaking to a group of editors and reporters from the Italian Federation Catholic Weeklies. In his …Read More

U.S. Catholic has a nice, long look at the diaconate in its December issue — and a few familiar names pop up: Beverly Hills, California deacon and author Eric Stoltz often finds himself uttering the phrase, “Please don’t call me …Read More