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Leave it to the innovative media wizards in the Archdiocese of Boston to come up with a church-finder app for your iPhone. From the Boston Globe: In the latest example of an ancient institution deploying the latest technology, the Archdiocese …Read More

If you missed the news yesterday, “The Deacon’s Bench” is relocating. Beginning Monday, December 13th, you can find it right here. Feel free to drop by and look around.  Meantime, I’ll still be here, rounding up the cattle.

It’s not Catholics under attack, but it’s a pretty low blow that manages to trivialize — and demean — something meaningful. UPDATE: Can’t see the video? Visit this link.

He’s Bishop Kevin W. Vann, of Fort Worth, and this week he launched his very own weblog, aptly called “Shepherd of Fort Worth.” The good shepherd, of course, joins a number of other merry bishop bloggers, including most notably Boston’s …Read More

Well, according to this item, yes. (Is anyone surprised?) From the New York Times: There you are, peacefully reading an article or watching a video on the Internet. You finish, find it thought-provoking, and scroll down to the comments section …Read More

From the folks behind the Advent Conspiracy, another powerful and provocative challenge to the world.

Maybe.  Get a load of this striking ad for Silestone kitchen countertops, and read all about it.

Details: On Friday Pope Benedict XVI urged Catholic journalists to “courageously serve the truth, presenting the reasons for faith beyond ideological visions”. He was speaking to a group of editors and reporters from the Italian Federation Catholic Weeklies. In his …Read More

“In the book’s German and English editions, the text cited the example of a male prostitute, implying homosexual sex, in which a condom would not be a form of contraception. The church opposes contraception on the grounds that every sexual …Read More

Those are the words of a 16-year-old aspirant arriving for her first day at the convent in Michigan. This young gal was among several — including our own Mary Anne Marks! — featured on today’s episode of Oprah in a …Read More