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In what has become an annual near-Thanksgiving event, thousands convened in a southern California stadium to pray for, celebrate, and remember the martyrs who were canonized by Pope John Paul. Details: The ceremony at Cal State Long Beach’s Pyramid mixed …Read More

It’s something most of us aren’t even aware of, but it is done in countless churches around the world this time of year — and the Concord Pastor reflects on its meaning: This weekend I will observe a little ritual …Read More

That would be the back of the priest, actually. Fr. Richard Simon writes of his experience recently saying mass “ad orientem,” facing away from the congregation for a small portion of of the liturgy. The reaction from the people in …Read More

Amazing video below (h/t Rocco) of the famous giant thurible at Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Top speed: a reported 42 mph. You gotta see this to believe it.

I was pleased to see the Concord Pastor discovered this recording of John Becker’s beautiful “Litany of the Saints.” It’s been used a time or two in my diocese at the cathedral. While not as haunting as the traditional Gregorian …Read More

A parish in Knoxville, Tennessee had a big outdoor mass last weekend and the local media came to check it out. Video below. Story and more video here. And this blog has more pictures and video, too.

Well, who’d a thunk? Check out this video below, from the online edition of the Catholic Anchor in Anchorage.

Some of the most dramatic changes in the new Roman Missal won’t just be in what we say, but in what we sing. Music publishers are already working on that, according to CNS: The new Roman Missal authorized Aug. 20 …Read More

A British observer has some sharp words about EMHCs at Catholic liturgies: What’s the point of all these assistants? The Catholic Church does allow for what it calls an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, in cases when the priest is …Read More

Much attention has been given to the new translation of the Roman Missal. What many have not noted, however, is the new dismissal options for the deacon (or, if he’s absent, the priest): Go forth, the Mass is ended. Or: …Read More