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Who is Adele Brise, the visionary who is responsible for the first approved Marian apparition  in the United States? The Compass has the answer: Adele Joseph Brise’s story began when she arrived from Belgium with her parents, Lambert and Marie …Read More

Listen to one of the modern era’s greatest preachers. H/T New Advent

The remarkable story of Dr. Rich Meehan and his work among the poor in Los Angles deserves to be heard by a wider audience — especially now that he is hanging up his latex gloves and devoting his time to …Read More

Below, a little reminder of what it’s all about. Take time. And take your time…to remember what matters.

Hanukkah began last night — and this morning after, the Church is reflecting on four lights that were extinguished 30 years ago in El Salvador.  So, a reminder from the troubadours below, to all of us people of faith: don’t …Read More

From the poetic pen of the Concord Pastor comes this beautiful prayer for this first Monday of Advent. I can’t think of a better way to begin a new year, and a new week:  With Advent begins a new year …Read More

The video below has been circulating for a while — YouTube says it was first posted three years ago — but I hadn’t seen it until now. It’s comedian Steve Harvey’s “Introduction to Jesus,” (a man, as he notes, who …Read More

From the In My Backyard Desk…an inspiring story of evangelization: What I found while teaching a Called & Gifted workshop in Brooklyn last week is absolutely unique. I’ve worked in hundreds of Catholic parishes in 100 dioceses on 5 continents …Read More

“To be grateful is ultimately a gift to be be received from God. We ought to humbly ask for it. …Ultimately gratitude comes from a humble, contrite and transformed heart. Saying thank you is not a moralism. True gratitude is …Read More