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I asked, you answered. A sharp-eyed reader responded to my bleg for a snapshot of the Archdiocese of New York’s new deacons. Here it is, below. “Not the best picture,” my e-mailer confessed, “but it shows everyone.”  Thank you!

“All things are possible in the world where poor Jewish carpenters rise from the dead!” — My friend the God Googler, Mike Hayes, in an e-mail to me. I needed to hear that today.  Thanks, MIke.

A longtime reader writes: The time in the ‘comment cloister’ has been a journey. It has caused me to consider my own quick-to-judge tendencies. Following the way I tend to see so many things – neither all good or all …Read More

A deacon in Alaska sent me the letter below and, with his permission, I’m printing it here in full. I’d like to hear what readers, especially deacons and priests, think of this proposal for public penance: As I know you …Read More

A comment at this thread, I think, deserves a wider airing.   (I’m closing off comments here, because I think this speaks for itself.) A reader writes: Just reading this comment thread makes me feel ill to my stomach. I was …Read More

Well, yes, he has a point: With the Olympic games closing this Sunday evening, how about a well-deserved tip of the hat to all of the Olympic officials because, after all, they are the souls which time men’s tries. Kindly …Read More

A priest friend dropped me an e-mail with his thoughts on the Kennedy funeral: i. We have a crisis in liturgy in this country. What it comes down to is that we are addicted to “therapeutic religion;” the religion that …Read More

A reader has taken issue with a comment that I’ve included on my WELCOME sidebar, in which I suggest we should approach this blog with an attitude of “WWJB” or “What would Jesus blog?” The writer notes: I’m sorry deacon, …Read More

A reader writes: I’m not sure what your fascination with the late Senator Kennedy is, but I do hope you’ll leave him to the mainstream media and keep to topics worthy of our consideration. This man hurt many, many people …Read More

A reader, noting this post on same-sex marriage, has some questions — and maybe some of you out there would like to share your thoughts: I’m a citizen of the Great State of New Jersey and these are my Bishops …Read More