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What have you planted this Advent? Check out this Sunday’s homily right here.

Last Sunday, I had the great privilege of celebrating the sacrament of baptism here in the church – baptizing 12 babies. Before the service, I was chatting with a couple of women. They were friends of one of the families […]

[Saturday night, my parish will celebrate the Rite of Welcome for the new class of RCIA candidates.  This is the homily for that occasion.]  Anyone who’s been coming to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs for a while knows the memorable […]

Anyone looking for interesting holiday recipes may have stumbled on a new word that has entered the American lexicon: “Cherpumple.” It’s a desert, created last year by Los Angeles writer Charles Phoenix – a diet-destroying, gut-busting feat of cooking that […]

Sometimes thankfulness can be hard to express. Most of us know someone who is having a difficult time this Thanksgiving. The woman who is spending her first holiday as a widow. The father who lost his job and is worried […]

Exactly two weeks ago, late on a Sunday afternoon, a young woman named Raghada al-Wafi ran to her local church, with some wonderful news to share with the priest who had married her: she was going to have a baby. […]

If you remember only one thing from this homily, I’m going to ask that you remember the name Willie Downs. Willie Downs is a young man in his early 20s from Whitehouse, Texas who absolutely loves animation. His greatest dream […]

“When I invite you to become saints, I am asking you not to be content with second best. I am asking you not to pursue one limited goal and ignore all the others. Having money makes it possible to be […]

In the early 1950s, some of the most important mission work in the Church was happening in a place many of us might find surprising: Florida. Back then, the total number of Catholics in Florida came to just 70-thousand. That’s […]

Several years ago a friend of mine named Heather King published a powerful book called “Parched.” It is the story of her life as an alcoholic, and her long road to recovery. Heather lived much of her youth thirsting for […]