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Deacon Mike Talbot has the scoop: 10 men today were ordained as Permanent Deacons for the Archdiocese of New Orleans. This group of men was formally selected on the day the evacuation of New Orleans began as Hurricane Katrina approached. …Read More

He’s a judge in Canada — and he’s talking about how his faith intersects with his job, following a controversial sentencing in a high-profile case. From the B.C. Catholic in Vancouver: Ontario Superior Court Judge Alf Stong is not particularly …Read More

Listen to one of the modern era’s greatest preachers. H/T New Advent

That’s the name of an ambitious, surprisingly powerful project undertaken by photographer Steven Golder. He’s been taking photographs of hands — some of them breathtaking in their simplicity and beauty — but not just any hands. They are the hands …Read More

Good question, and it’s something every deacon should ponder.  But Deacon Bill Ditewig has an anecdote that speaks volumes: One day, as I was leaving the building, I encountered one of our bishops waiting for a taxi. He had been …Read More

The sad details, from ANSA: An aspiring priest has killed himself after the Vatican cancelled his ordination, his bishop said Wednesday. Luca Seidita, 29, threw himself from a rocky outcrop in this central Italian hilltown Tuesday, shortly after learning that …Read More

The Archbishop and his deacons. Read more about Dolan here. And there’s this stellar quote, from Deacon Bill Ditewig: I often tell the true story of a bishop who, while literally standing in the middle of his deacons, said, “When …Read More

U.S. Catholic has a nice, long look at the diaconate in its December issue — and a few familiar names pop up: Beverly Hills, California deacon and author Eric Stoltz often finds himself uttering the phrase, “Please don’t call me …Read More

How cool is this? From the ever-observant Deacon Bill: I was doing a little surfing about the events and came across the liturgical aid used at this morning’s ceremony… …To my great surprise, of all the artwork available to the …Read More

Ever wonder what it’s like to work in prison ministry? Here are some answers, from a few of those involved — and a growing number are deacons: Father Ernie Gauthier has kept going back to the jails, prisons and halfway …Read More