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New research found that forty-five percent of adults find it hard to make new friends. The new study on the social dynamics pooled 2,000 Americans. The research revealed that the average American hasn’t made a new friend in five years. The study […]

Parents are always looking for more ways to get their children involved with their faith. A recent study by Barna, however, has found that the key to becoming a more spiritually active household is to become a more active household […]

The world has shrunk dramatically. Transatlantic journeys that once took months take a few hours. Emailing someone in Japan from England takes less than a second. Phone calls can reach Australia with as much ease, clarity and speed as they […]

Which states are the friendliest for women? WalletHub decided to find out. The survey pulled information across what they identified as the 24 key indicators of living standards for women. Among these indicators were things such as highest median earnings, […]

Heart attacks are normally the sort of thing that people expect to occur in elderly people. Recent studies, however, show that the young are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cardiac events. Heart attacks especially are on the rise among adults who […]

People like to be happy, and they like to be healthy. Given that the two go hand in hand, it is no surprise that they are often measured together. So if you are looking to move, it makes sense to […]

When most people imagine the typical victim of a heart attack they usually imagine either someone who is very old or someone who is very overweight. The risk among people who do not fit those descriptions, however, is rising. Between […]

Obesity is never a good thing. It carries a myriad of health risks including increased risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Those very risks, however, are rising among young people. An analysis done by the American Cancer Society found […]

Everyone hates having to deal with insurance companies. You only contact them when you really need them, so you typically contact them in times of crisis. That said, the last thing that anyone wants to do when they are dealing […]

Google dominates the internet between its massive search engine and ownership of YouTube. It is the go-to source of information for most Americans and is so commonly used that “googling” has become a recognized verb. Recently, Americans have added a […]