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Heart attacks are normally the sort of thing that people expect to occur in elderly people. Recent studies, however, show that the young are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cardiac events. Heart attacks especially are on the rise among adults who […]

When most people imagine the typical victim of a heart attack they usually imagine either someone who is very old or someone who is very overweight. The risk among people who do not fit those descriptions, however, is rising. Between […]

For those that want to shed pounds but hate spending time in the gym, there may be hope. A recent study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that using short burst of high intensity exercise was better at […]

Most people have probably heard by now that sitting is the new smoking when it comes to destroying your health. As such, there was a massive movement among workers and employers designed to get office workers off their rear ends […]

Did you get the flu vaccine this year? Did your children? If you said no, you are far from the only one to skip out on the flu shot. Millions of parents in America skip having their child receive the […]

The advantages of meditating and exercising simply continue to pile up. Both are known to decrease people’s stress levels, but it is now looking like they could be people’s backup flu shot. A recent study by University of Wisconsin-Madison found […]

Catholics never really notice how touchy feely they are during Mass until the Archdiocese asks that parishioners keep their hands to themselves on Sunday to avoid spreading the flu. In Santa Fe, the Archdiocese asked that Catholics avoid holding hands […]

The good news is that teens are doing less binge drinking. The bad news is that teen vaping has shot through the roof. A recent survey from Monitoring the Future found that the number of teens who reported vaping has nearly […]

Exercise is essential if you want to remain healthy. This is not news to anyone, though some people would give anything for it to be false. It is also not news that few Americans get the amount of exercise they […]

America as a whole does not rank very highly on the physical fitness scale. This is news to exactly no one. People are too fond of fast food, get too little exercise and are too in love with their phones […]