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Parents are always looking for more ways to get their children involved with their faith. A recent study by Barna, however, has found that the key to becoming a more spiritually active household is to become a more active household […]

Did you get the flu vaccine this year? Did your children? If you said no, you are far from the only one to skip out on the flu shot. Millions of parents in America skip having their child receive the […]

“Carcinoma.” We don’t remember much of what the doctor said. The c-word obliterated everything else. We thought it was just a lesion. After all, Aaron was 15. Yeah, some kids develop cancer, but not ours. That happens to other people. […]

A recent study published in the journal “Pediatrics” estimated that roughly 2.5 percent of children in the United States are on the autism spectrum. The percentage is based on data from the 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health which collected […]

For all that young people tend to talk about how they are constantly connected to their friends through social media, a recent survey conducted by BBC Radio 4’s All In The Mind in conjunction with the Wellcome Trust found that […]

The days of children spending their time outdoors climbing trees or playing tag appear to have, at least, temporarily ended. Children between the ages of six and 16 currently spend more time playing video games than they do playing outside. […]