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What is faith and why is it important in my journey of recovery? Saving faith can be defined as complete trust and confidence in the person of Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross. It is the only …Read More

When we get hit by loss and heartache, life turns upside down. The routine “normal” we’re used to disappears. Nothing is the quite the same. We lay down at night and our minds spin. Sleep flees from us. When slumber …Read More

When we listen to the news there’s always a story about shortages.  You’ve heard the reports, jobs are in short supply, affordable housing is in short supply, safety, clean water, and even good men are hard to come by.  But …Read More

A mother’s love is unconditional. A mother’s love is the glue that holds us together. What happens when we are forced to endure Mother’s Day without Mom? What happens to the bereaved Moms on Mother’s Day? Holidays that focus on …Read More

The room was silent except for the hum of the machines, the rhythmic blip of the heart monitor, and quiet cadence of dad’s breathing. He had a massive heart attack a few days prior and never regained consciousness. With no …Read More

“Carcinoma.” We don’t remember much of what the doctor said. The c-word obliterated everything else. We thought it was just a lesion. After all, Aaron was 15. Yeah, some kids develop cancer, but not ours. That happens to other people. …Read More

I knew a woman who so longed to be loved and not feel lonely that she gave her lover, a man who she had only recently met and knew to be a criminal, all of her life savings—some $43,000, to …Read More

Religious adherents have long touted the many benefits of living a faithful life to the derision of many of those who are not religious. Recently, however, science has come down on the side of the faithful. A recent study done …Read More