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Patience is becoming incredibly rare in modern society, and technology is to blame. A survey that looked at 2,000 British adults found that most people are incredibly impatient in almost every aspect of their life. Furthermore, those surveyed said they …Read More

Experts are warning that drinking diet sodas, like diet coke, every day will increase your risk of dying young. Two or more of these artificially sweetened drinks a day will increase the risk of stroke by a quarter and heart …Read More

This year has seen a rise in outbreaks from preventable diseases such as the measles, due to a newly found mistrust of vaccines. A new survey is now digging deeper and finding that the country may be more split on …Read More

Carl’s Jr. added something a bit special to its signature sauce. This past April 20th, unofficially known as the holiday celebrating marijuana, Carl’s Jr. developed a CBD-infused burger for one of it’s Denver locations. In another nod to the marijuana …Read More

Several news organizations have recently created a new rule that they refuse to show the faces of mass shooters during their media coverage. Their reasoning, they say, is so that the shooter is not glorified or created to be a …Read More

Last year, Netflix captivated viewers with it’s series 13 Reasons Why. It followed a heart-wrenching story of Hannah Baker, who retraces the steps leading up to her suicide and letting her classmates know how much they caused it. The show …Read More