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Sorry for the paucity of posts this week and last. I’ve been knee-deep in my next book and am facing a self-imposed deadline. In the meantime, check out this video of a flock of starlings. The physics of bird behavior …Read More

Behold: a video of a robot riding a bicycle. In case that didn’t register, I will say it again: A ROBOT RIDING A BICYCLE. What will they do next? Steal our jobs? Mow our lawns? Defeat Ken Jennings on Jeopardy? …Read More

I love organized public improv events. Love them. Also, I love ninjas and sword-fighting. So this video, courtesy of Improv Toronto, makes me very, very happy. If I teach my kids anything, I hope to teach them to be the …Read More

Baby monkey Nala is a black cap Capuchin who was born in April of this year. She was rescued from a veterinarian and is being used to help two autistic boys in Las Vegas. She’s the star of Baby Monkey …Read More

Have you heard of a “cobra weave” exploding stick bomb? There are lots of Instructables about how to assemble these, along with a variety of videos. You arrange the sticks as instructed, remove the first one, and watch the whole …Read More

One of the biggest moments in any child’s life occurs toward the end of Empire Strikes Back, when the viewer finds out that Darth Vader is Luke’s father. Noooooooo! It’s the biggest of big reveals. One dad thoughtfully captured this …Read More

This is stunning. A time-lapse video of the aurora borealis (“northern lights”) and aurora australis (“southern lights”) as seen from the International Space Station in orbit. From what I can tell, it comes from 345 still photos taken during September …Read More

Two bear cubs wrestle in the middle of a road at Yosemite. The commentary leaves a little to be desired, but wrestling bear cubs? Your kids will love it. [via Stellar]

I can’t watch this without getting a little choked up. Which surprised me. If that’s not a testimony of the influence Fred Rogers had on my generation and subsequent generations of kids, then I don’t know what is.

I don’t know who’s behind the marketing for the new Muppet Movie, but this “Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” parody trailer is completely genius. Well done, Muppet Movie people, Jason Segel, Kermit or whomever it is. Marketing brilliance. If you …Read More