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Sure, today everyone’s talking about the death of Gaddafi/Qaddafi/Ghadafi or the end of the world (according to Harold Camping). But me? I want to point you toward this video of a 2,000 foot-long Hot Wheels track that goes on forever. …Read More

Alisa Harris’ debut book, Raised Right: How I Untangled My Faith from Politics was one of the most compelling I’ve read this year. She’s a young journalist living in New York City but grew up in Middle America. Her parents …Read More

How did you make it through high school? That’s the question the folks behind Rookie, a website for teenage girls, asked a bunch of celebrities. Not the flashy, pretty, Hollywood A-List celebrities, but the cool quirky ones who just seem …Read More

Last week, after almost two years of weeknight sessions, I finished reading the Harry Potter series aloud to my kids. Occasionally my wife filled in, but mostly it was me doing the reading…and the voices…and the silent editing out of …Read More

This is a shelf in my son’s room. It’s one of two: To say he’s into LEGO Minifigures is like saying Harold Camping is into the Rapture. Which is why we’re both excited to learn from GeekDad about a new …Read More

This is stunning. Photographer James Mollison has a photo-essay book called Where Children Sleep, built around a powerful but very, very simple concept. It introduces us to children around the world by showing us the diversity of their bedrooms — …Read More

In light of Monday’s post — which still fills me with warm fuzzies — I thought I’d share with you two of the drawing games we Boyetts have spent a lot of time playing. It’s great for kids to just …Read More

A couple weeks ago, we discussed the importance of letting your kids be weird, based on a passage in Alexandra Robbins’ new book, The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth. In the book, Robbins conjectures that teenage outcasts often are poised …Read More

I originally posted this at a few months ago, but thought it would be worth posting here, too. If you already read it there, forgive me the re-post. ———— Within the last year, both of my kids have bought …Read More

Instructions for hot summer afternoons: 1. Get a round trampoline. The bigger the better. 2. Get a little inflatable kiddie pool. 3. Inflate the kiddie pool and place it in the middle of the trampoline. 4. Fill the pool with …Read More