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We’re of the firm belief that it’s important to teach kids — while they’re kids — about how the real world works. In the real world, people just don’t give you money for nothing. You have to earn it. So […]

In August, Chicago Now blogger Christine Whitley referred to a 1979 book called Your Six-Year-Old. In it, she found a checklist to help parents figure out if their kid was ready for first grade. Answer YES to 10 of these […]

Lori Gottlieb’s recent article in The Atlantic has been on my mind for the last few weeks. Titled “How to Land Your Kid in Therapy,” it’s about a potential epidemic of generational malaise, or how the contemporary parental obsession in […]

Fascinating interview at Slate today with Jeff Ryan, author of Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America (which releases tomorrow). I haven’t read the book, but in the interview, Ryan discusses the evolution of the Super Mario Bros. universe and what […]

Kids these days. They have no concept of… 1. Staying home sick from school and watching stupid game shows because I felt too bad to get up and change the channel. 2. Crushing on Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. 3. […]

Here’s a question for you dads and moms out there: What kinds of stuff do you let your kids drink? I’m not talking alcohol or anything scandalous. Just regular drinks. Soft drinks. Sports drinks. That kind of stuff. My wife […]

If you’ve spent much time blogging about religion or belief or the lack of it, you’re aware of Sam Harris. He’s a neuroscientist who has become well-known as one of the public faces of what’s known as “The New Atheism.” […]

A couple weeks ago, we discussed the importance of letting your kids be weird, based on a passage in Alexandra Robbins’ new book, The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth. In the book, Robbins conjectures that teenage outcasts often are poised […]

Interesting opinion piece last week in the Austin American-Statesman. Ashley Sanchez writes about the obvious impact out-of-wedlock fatherhood and divorce have on the amount of time a dad is able to spend with his kids. The Pew study found that […]

At, recent Tony nominee Bobby Cannavale talks about his newish black comedy, The Motherf**ker With the Hat, and touche on the impact fatherhood has had on his career. At 41, Cannavale and ex-wife Jenny Lumet are the parents of […]