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Over the weekend, an unidentified 100-lb., 8 ft. tall Lego man washed up onto the beach at Siesta Key, Florida. He’s wearing a shirt that says “No real than you are.” A guy named Jeff Hindman discovered it, photographed it, …Read More

There’s a Tumblr blog about pretty much everything, and fathers aren’t excluded. A few of my favorites: My Dad is a Bro. (Nothing says parenting success like raising a kid you can shotgun Natty Light with.) ———— Dads on Vacation. …Read More

What kinds of creatures can you find in one cubic foot of seawater? Or one cubic foot of rainforest? One cubic foot of the deciduous forest in Central Park? National Geographic photographer David Liittschwager and his team set up a …Read More

I’m a sucker for crisp, clear space photography — my kids and I spend an inordinate amount of time digging into Google Earth — so I was happy to stumble upon this old 2009 blog post with 35 high-resolution astronomy …Read More

This is crazy. At one point in the history of the U.S. Postal Service — after parcel post service was introduced in 1913 — it briefly became possible to send a child somewhere else in the United States by mail. …Read More

He went shopping yesterday with his cousin for some new school clothes. My mom sent this photo to update us on their progress. Apparently zip-from-the-front hoodies are now a thing. Also a thing? Guitar-playing skeletons. Both were distressed that they …Read More

This is wonderful: Kristina Alexanderson of Stockholm is photographing an action-figure-sized Star Wars Clone every day this year…and occasionally a young Clone gets to play, too. The photography is great and the results are surprisingly sweet. See many more photos …Read More

The story contest has ended. Thanks to all of you who participated. I struggled to come up with a winner for this one. The explanatory story by Tim S. was longish, but felt right. It was creative, fantastical, and offered …Read More

This is stunning. Photographer James Mollison has a photo-essay book called Where Children Sleep, built around a powerful but very, very simple concept. It introduces us to children around the world by showing us the diversity of their bedrooms — …Read More

Back at my old blog, I used to do the occasional story contest. I show a photo, set up a bunch of arbitrary and inflexible rules, and then invite readers to submit a story that goes along with the photo. …Read More