Overwhelming Cuteness Archives

Baby monkey Nala is a black cap Capuchin who was born in April of this year. She was rescued from a veterinarian and is being used to help two autistic boys in Las Vegas. She’s the star of Baby Monkey …Read More

Two bear cubs wrestle in the middle of a road at Yosemite. The commentary leaves a little to be desired, but wrestling bear cubs? Your kids will love it. [via Stellar]

Nothing is cuter than a baby gorilla, unless it’s a baby gorilla taking a bath. Throw in a little pink washrag and it’s a rollicking good time. Show it to your kids. YouTube tells me this is “Baby Joe and …Read More

This is wonderful: Kristina Alexanderson of Stockholm is photographing an action-figure-sized Star Wars Clone every day this year…and occasionally a young Clone gets to play, too. The photography is great and the results are surprisingly sweet. See many more photos …Read More

I tend to browse for things that I can fit into the category of “awesome,” because those are fun things to show my kids. But not every kid is interested in awesome. Some kids, depending on age and/or gender, are …Read More