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Yesterday I had the privilege of getting to guest-post at Don Miller’s blog. It was dad-related, so I’ll re-post it here. (Thanks, Don and Jordan!) ———- There’s a hot new website — they still make those, you know — called …Read More

When something of note happens, like an earthquake in Japan or the death of someone like Steve Jobs, I make sure my kids are aware of it. We don’t watch TV at night — I consume most of my news …Read More

On Friday night, I went to see the premiere of Courageous, the new movie from Christian filmmakers Alex & Stephen Kendrick (the team behind Facing the Giants and Fireproof). I hadn’t seen either of those films, and am not generally …Read More

How did you make it through high school? That’s the question the folks behind Rookie, a website for teenage girls, asked a bunch of celebrities. Not the flashy, pretty, Hollywood A-List celebrities, but the cool quirky ones who just seem …Read More

On Saturday, my son and I both competed in a local sprint triathlon. Mine was a traditional sprint with a 325-yard swim, 11.5-mile bike, and 5K run. His was shorter but no less intense: a 25-yard swim followed by a …Read More

Ran across this today via Kottke, and find it both impressive and inspiring. But then, I’m a Lego nerd. Designer/programmer Tyler Neylon started with a base set of 50 Lego pieces (actually 58, counting some of the really tiny ones), …Read More

Wow. I love this idea. LOVE IT. When I was a kid, I spent hours doodling. I drew highly detailed spaceships, space stations, and the cold, rugged landscapes of undiscovered planets (complete with alien outposts). I drew elaborate circus scenes …Read More

At, recent Tony nominee Bobby Cannavale talks about his newish black comedy, The Motherf**ker With the Hat, and touche on the impact fatherhood has had on his career. At 41, Cannavale and ex-wife Jenny Lumet are the parents of …Read More

Over the past 8 years, I’ve written or contributed to something like a dozen books while also holding down a 9-to-5 day job. Ask me how I’ve been able to do it — while also being an active and present …Read More

You may have seen this a few weeks ago on Tosh.0, who noted it as “our early nomination for Dad of the Year.” At a Chattanooga Lookouts minor-league game, a dad catches a foul ball with one hand while holding …Read More