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The great thing about the persistently growing zombie fad is that anyone — at any point during their day, regardless of their activity — can be turned into a zombie and therefore find themselves stuck in that outfit for the …Read More

We’re of the firm belief that it’s important to teach kids — while they’re kids — about how the real world works. In the real world, people just don’t give you money for nothing. You have to earn it. So …Read More

He went shopping yesterday with his cousin for some new school clothes. My mom sent this photo to update us on their progress. Apparently zip-from-the-front hoodies are now a thing. Also a thing? Guitar-playing skeletons. Both were distressed that they …Read More

Last week, after almost two years of weeknight sessions, I finished reading the Harry Potter series aloud to my kids. Occasionally my wife filled in, but mostly it was me doing the reading…and the voices…and the silent editing out of …Read More

I went backpacking last weekend with some friends. At dusk, a smattering of bats came out, fluttering above the firelight. I told my kids about it in the car yesterday, while driving home from dinner. Son: “Really? There were bats?” …Read More

Here’s a question for you dads and moms out there: What kinds of stuff do you let your kids drink? I’m not talking alcohol or anything scandalous. Just regular drinks. Soft drinks. Sports drinks. That kind of stuff. My wife …Read More

On Saturday, my son and I both competed in a local sprint triathlon. Mine was a traditional sprint with a 325-yard swim, 11.5-mile bike, and 5K run. His was shorter but no less intense: a 25-yard swim followed by a …Read More

In light of Monday’s post — which still fills me with warm fuzzies — I thought I’d share with you two of the drawing games we Boyetts have spent a lot of time playing. It’s great for kids to just …Read More

I originally posted this at a few months ago, but thought it would be worth posting here, too. If you already read it there, forgive me the re-post. ———— Within the last year, both of my kids have bought …Read More

If last week’s posting schedule seemed a little light, it was because I spent the week on vacation. My family holed up in a friend’s lake house at Beaver Lake, Arkansas, for 6 days of boating, skiing, tubing, swimming, kayaking, …Read More