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It’s time for another conversation with Cleverbot. I wanted to talk about kids going back to school, but weirdly (again), the conversation turned to fatherhood. Thanks, Cleverbot, for your help. ————— [ME]: Well, Cleverbot, it’s that time of year when …Read More

In today’s conversation with Cleverbot, I wanted to see what it thought about vacations. Inexplicably, the conversation turned immediately to fatherhood, and I am totally not making this up. Cleverbot must know about this blog. ————— [ME]: Do you like …Read More

It’s time for another Cleverbot conversation. Cleverbot is an artificial-intelligence software program that “learns” how to reply to certain statements, questions, and key words by scouring the Internet for similar conversations, drawing from its database of more than 20 million …Read More

One of my favorite podcasts is WNYC’s RadioLab. Last week’s episode was about talking to machines, and mentioned a web application called Cleverbot. Designed by Rollo Carpenter, it’s an artificial-intelligence software program that uses the Internet to “learn.” You ask …Read More