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I hope and trust that you had a wonderful New Year’s Day! And today we move into the third part of the Triad Formula, which is the First Step in a Three-Step approach to dealing with change in one’s life. …Read More

On the final day of this year, as the calendar page changes, let us talk more about how we can use spiritual principles to deal with changes in our life. Yesterday we explored part one of a three-part Change Process …Read More

There are many ways to deal with the extraordinary changes that are occurring in people’s lives these days. Here is one of them… It is called The Change Process, and I began to talk about this in this space yesterday. …Read More

During these days between Christmas and New Year’s I would like to share with you an approach to dealing with the many changes that are occurring in our lives during these tumultuous times. I have developed a way of using …Read More

There is a ‘right’ time and a ‘wrong’ time for everything, i think. Not in the sense of being morally Right or Wrong, but simply in the sense of being in harmony with the vibrations of the moment. In that …Read More

How can God stand by and let terrible things happen to wonderful people—to say nothing of little children? Where is God when misery visits the earth? This is a question that I hear many, many times in my travels. It …Read More

The path of transformation is not as easy path to walk. I know, because I have tried. Over and over again, in fact, I have tried. For me the issue is not that I have failed to try. Quite the …Read More

How hard is transformation? How elusive is “enlightenment”? Are these things even possible? What is this process, by which the soul evolves? Or do we even have a soul… …and if we do, do we. as human beings in the …Read More

Is it possible to deal with all the changes we are facing in our lives in a way that makes sense to our soul? I am convinced that there is. But how, in this constantly shifting time, can we reconcile …Read More

Each of us, in the living of our lives, brings a message to each of the other of us. In this way, God is made manifest in Man, and Divinity is expressed through Humanity. Now the only way that anyone …Read More