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Spiritual Parenting with Mimi Doe Archives

“As your child is discovering the world, you’re discovering who she is–and giving her all the support, encouragement, and acceptance she needs to thrive.” –Mimi Doe

“Instead of looking at parenting as a project, view it as a dance–one that you and your child are enjoying together.” –Mimi Doe

“Parenting can be joyful. What has gotten out of balance to erode your joy? Take stock today and come up with a plan for adding more fun to your daily round.” –Mimi Doe

“Place a flower, heart, or pretty postcard on your child’s pillow tonight before bedtime. With a little effort, we can create magical moments for our children.” –Mimi Doe

“If you attend a house of worship, arrange to take your child there when there is no service. In the quiet, sacred space, you can talk about how it feels to be there, observe the light coming through the windows, […]

“Engage your child in conversations about God and be open to what interests him or her. When we invite God into our everyday lives, our children see this sacred connection as always available.” –Mimi Doe

“Kids learn from observing us, even when we think they’re not paying attention. Take time today to observe yourself from your child’s point of view.” –Mimi Doe

“Make sure you are learning new things, so your child sees that learning is a lifelong process.” –Mimi Doe

“Learning is full of joy, but often our kids see it as drudgery. Take time today to teach your child something new, just as an adventure. Ask your child to teach you something too.” –Mimi Doe

“Trust your body and what it is telling you it needs–more sleep, water, exercise. Help your children develop an awareness of what their bodies need and support them as they act on it.” –Mimi Doe