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“My sister Renee was diagnosed with colon cancer last April.” Posted by keepingthefaith

“All we want for him is to be clean and sober off of drugs and living the life he was meant to have.” Posted by sweetee

“On 2/18/11 we will be married a year and were already thinking about divorce.” Posted by K_ARMSTRONG

“An immediate need for a steady income/job to support me and my elderly Mom.” Posted by Iseult

” I have faith that God will bring us through all of the struggles.” Posted by window20

“My wife, Amanda, has left me after 8 years of marriage.” Posted by johnorman67

“Her baby boy not only has a heart problem but sadly has a chromosomal abnormality which they expect to claim his life.” Posted by mamaluvsherbabes

“I don’t know what to do about my 87 year old mother. Her health has been declining the past year.” Posted by shebamushu

“For over five years my husband has been applying for jobs.” Posted by EdK

“I found out my husband was having an affair about a month ago. He wants to divorce me; I pray that God restores our marraige.” Posted by pam_27_4

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