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Turn off your AC when you leave for work. If you adjust the air conditioning according to your needs instead of leaving it blasting all day, you can save your household 20% on the cost of cooling.

Looking for a way to stay cool AND keep your electricity bill down? Turn off that air conditioner and invest in a fan. They’re efficient, effective, and cost 90% less than air conditioners.

Turn off the air conditioner and open your windows when it’s nice out! We spend most of our lives indoors, so it’s a good idea to make sure your spaces are ventilated.

Lower the windows in your car in the summer, and turn your AC off. The wind blowing by feels great, and the AC can decrease your gas mileage and increase your emissions.

In the summer, dry your laundry on a clothesline in the back yard. Avoiding the dryer will keep your house cooler and keep energy costs down.

When you buy coffee, milk, and sugar in bulk, you can save up to 40% on the products due to decreased packaging – and also help conserve our resources. Plus, you’ll spend less on gas for trips to the store!

Instead of buying individually wrapped products, invest in some portable Tupperware. It keeps things portable without the extra packaging.

Today, gather up your used magazines and books and donate them to a local hospital, women’s shelter, or nursing home. They’ll appreciate the gesture!

If you’re printing long documents, make sure to use single-spaced settings and a smaller font. Also, print on both sides of the paper if you can – and learn how to use your printer properly, so you prevent having to …Read More

If you’ve got an MP3 player, get your music digitally instead of buying CDs. This can save you money – since you don’t have to pay for the songs you don’t like – and it discourages wasteful CD packaging.