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Meet one husband and father that is courageously battling cancer. A friend writes: “I don’t really have too many details, but he needs prayers. He had one round of chemo and I’m not sure if it helped any, but he …Read More

Prayer can always be powerful, especially in times of a crisis. One member has written a beautiful prayer to help those assisting in the oil spill cleanup. It’s also to pray for politicians to create laws that will inhibit this …Read More

What soldiers are close to your heart? Memorial Day is not for several more days, but now is your chance to share your worries with other families that might be concerned about loved ones that are far away. Share your …Read More

One community member shares the story of her friend who has learned that she has breast cancer. You can reach out to this sick mother and her two daughters. Offer a prayer to support her and her family. Her friend …Read More

Beliefnet is thrilled to announce we have received the 2010 Webby Award in the Religion & Spirituality category, as well as the People’s Choice Award for Religion & Spirituality. Thank you to everyone who voted for us for the People’s …Read More

The television show ‘South Park’ is taking a lot of heat recently. How should the creators of ‘South Park’ react to threats? What do you think of the show’s depiction of Muhammad? Join this lively debate that has a lot …Read More

How do you feel about praying in public? Some people think it is fine to pray in an open space where others can see you. Others think it should be not be done out in the open. Do you think …Read More

One Beliefnet reader writes how she’s struggling with poor health. She says, “I have fibromyalgia and recently injured my back. Pain meds, anti-inflammatories and steroids don’t agree with me (more negatives than positives). Depression is creeping in and I need …Read More

People all over the world were saddened to hear that Haiti recently experienced an earthquake that registered 7.0. In the time of such a tragedy, the people of Haiti are in need of prayer as much as they are in …Read More

Back in 2008, a Grandmother posted several prayer circles about her twin grandchildren. As they were born premature, they eventually grew to be both healthy and strong. Check out the incredible story and give your own prayer of thanks!