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Although the overall message could stay the same, there are several translations of the Christian Bible. Which translation of The Bible do you read? Do you prefer a certain one above the rest? Why? Offer your thoughts on which translation …Read More

Meet one husband and father that is courageously battling cancer. A friend writes: “I don’t really have too many details, but he needs prayers. He had one round of chemo and I’m not sure if it helped any, but he …Read More

Today is the day that Celtic Christians and other Christians honor Saint Columba of Iona. He was born in Ireland and served as a missionary for many years. He was even known as a member of the Twelve Apostles of …Read More

Prayer can always be powerful, especially in times of a crisis. One member has written a beautiful prayer to help those assisting in the oil spill cleanup. It’s also to pray for politicians to create laws that will inhibit this …Read More

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Today Americans celebrate a National Day of Prayer. Well, at least several Americans do. Check out the latest controversy over whether or not this holiday should be celebrated. Is it right to set aside a day for believers to pray, …Read More

The Beliefnet Community is lucky to have so many members share the beautiful photos of families celebrating Easter. Take a look at the many children and adults dressed up in their finest for the big day. And don’t forget to …Read More

Take a look at 20 inspirational videos that will help you reflect on the love of God and resurrection of Jesus. Let these beautiful songs and images inspire your faith during this holy season. Share with the Beliefnet Community which …Read More

Have you been feeling down lately? Find encouragement and inspiration in these beautiful words and images. Then offer your own words of hope to another member. Don’t forget to keep the chain going! Take a look>>