Against all odds, a long lost recording of the Ben Johnson Boys, which included The Professor, the Preacher, and Big Brother, has just surfaced. Here it is!!!

They’re available HERE.

Anthony Bower Hawthorne, “The Professor,” was born on a farm in Illinois in 1868. His father was a ne’er-do-well sharecropper, poet, and drunk. His mother was a mousy woman who occasionally spoke in tongues, but never in church. The eldest of three brothers, A.B. had an unremarkable childhood. Dour and melancholy, he seemed to let…

Mark, Tony and i did a run through this weekend and feel really good about how the show is taking shape. WE have the song together, the transitions and the feel. There is still an ominous amount to do in relationship to the details of the retail side of the show. But it will get…

Unless otherwise noted, all shows begin at 7pm. $10 Suggested Donation at the Door WEST COAST Friday June 13: Santa Monica, CA RISENCHURCH Saturday June 14: Los Angeles, CA First Presbyterian Granada Hills Sunday June 15: San Diego, CA Mission Gathering NOTE: 10:30am Sunday June 15: San Diego, CA Christ Lutheran in Pacific Beach Tuesday…

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Tony Jones

Tony Jones

Tony Jones is the author of The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier and several other books on Christianity and prayer.

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