I’ve written a post over at another Beliefnet blog, God’s Politics, about the tour and what we’ve learned about 1908. Read it HERE.

Tomorrow, Friday, at 4:45 PM Central Time we will hold a drawing for the “door prizes” from the West coast leg of the tour. Prizes include a Nano preloaded with reading and writing from our books, and a load of TNIV items including The Bible Experience.Tune in live tomorrow. Live Videos provided by Ustream.TV

Wesley Seminary is one of our Roadshow sponsors, and I posted over at the “A Word from Wesley” blog. Read it HERE. See all of our sponsors listed in the right sidebar.

If you’ve been to the show, or seen my YouTube videos (or even on the off-chance that you’ve read my book), you know that Trucker Frank is a friend of mine and a guy I’ve spent some time with. Well, there have been some guys hanging around outside of our shows and selling bootleg t-shirt…

The seventh installment of the A Christianity Worth Believing videos is now up.This one was shot in front of Temple Israel with Jon White.All the videos of the series can me found here.

Church Basement Roadshow

As Doug and I were driving the RV from Bend to Edina last week, I read to him the essay by Andrew Root on Lost and eschatology. Being that Doug and I are both fans of Lost and of eschatology, that got us to talking. Doug was driving, and I recorded some of the conversation,…

Update – We have a location for the Show Sunday July 20 – Copperfield Church, 8350 Hwy 6 N. Houston. Thanks J.T. for taking us in. After the first 12 shows, which went great, we have learned a few things about our schedule and work flow. Part of what we have learned is that we…

Over the weekend I went with one of our house mates to see “Wanted” the new action thriller staring James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie and directed by Timur Bekmambetov. Action movies are one of my guilty pleasures and on the way to the theater it occurred to me that despite the fact that I am…

Tony Jones

Tony Jones

Tony Jones is the author of The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier and several other books on Christianity and prayer.

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