The Church Basement Roadshow

Tony Jones is the author of The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier and several other books on Christianity and prayer.

There are some folks without whom the Church Basement Roadshow would not have been possible. The first is the inimitable Michael Toy, owner of the RV that carried us over 15,000 miles this summer. The other is the group of […]

Yes, Indeed! Thanks to the great folks at Disciples Fellowship in Birmingham:Church Basement Roadshow from Steve Knight on Vimeo.

Some of the Roadshows were HOT, and by that I don’t mean “cool.” I mean they were hot, like sweaty, humid, disgustingly hot. Of course, there were lots of comments about how the heat made it feel like a real, […]

At every Roadshow stop, people not only were revived, but they also entered a drawing to win gifts from some of our sponsors. Well, here are the winners! The Story: Erich Miller, Tim Ratzlaff TNIV Leatherbound: Helen Barrett, Ben Ash […]

Watch to see if you won any of the giveaway items from the second and third legs of the Church Basement Roadshow:

There really is something about facial hair. Since I got home on Tuesday, I took Tanner (8) to see the latest Narnia movie as a reward for having read the book. I noticed that, among the Telmarines and Sons of […]

Tim Murphy at the Religion News Service wrote a piece about the Roadshow stop in Washington D.C. Read it HERE.

Doug and I are back in Minneapolis, after closing the Roadshow on Monday in Indy. There’s lots to say in recap, but today it’s all about unloading the trailer and paying bills. More soon…

We’re right in the middle of the show in Manhattan. Doug is delivering his monologue at this moment. We arrived in Secaucus, NJ last night at 3am and parked in a Walmart parking lot. Around 10:30am we got up and […]

As we stepped out of the RV, Mark turned to me and said, “This feels like tobacco territory.” We were in Burlington, North Carolina, in the parking lot of JR Cigars, home to the largest humidor in the world. Walking […]