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Hong Kong has been going through turmoil lately as protests have swarmed the country over a controversial bill. The protests have been marked with violence, tear gas, and riot shields. One protest, though, was able to be a symbol of …Read More

Wayne Cordeiro, pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, Hawaii, went to China to help train church leaders. He quickly learned that the Chinese Christians has a lot to teach him. Cordeiro shared the touching story in a recent …Read More

Henan, China’s third largest province, is no stranger to violence from police. This month, a Protestant church in Henan fell victim to demolition and the authorities’ religious persecution. It was reduced to ruins in just over ten minutes. The next …Read More

A city in southern China is offering cash to citizens willing to inform on “illegal religious groups,” ramping up China’s crackdown on underground churches. The Guangzhou Department of Ethnic and Religious Affairs officially announced the offer on its website to …Read More

Christians hoping to celebrate the New Year with a religious calendar are in for a nasty surprise. Those living in China’s Henan province recently learned that such things have been forbidden by the regime as part of its ever increasing …Read More

It seems that a week cannot go by without news coming in of some new persecution of Christians. Recently, however, the fastest growing center of Christian persecution is not in the blood-soaked ground of the Middle East but in Asia. …Read More

Christian pastor John Sanqiang Cao has been sentenced to Chinese prison. In March 2017, Caro and a friend used a bamboo raft to cross from China into Myanmar. He had made the trip many times before to take supplies and …Read More

The Chinese government’s crackdown on Christianity continues to intensify. Christian congregations in Beijing and several provinces are having their crosses destroyed, Bibles burned, and churches shut down according to pastors and a group that monitors religion in China. Furthermore, the …Read More