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It is hard to imagine an archaeological discovery coming out of Israel that is not exciting. Some, however, make more headlines than others. Many of the discoveries that capture the world’s collective attention are those that lend further credence to […]

On Easter Sunday, explosions rocked Sri Lanka’s churches and hotels as Muslim terrorists executed a carefully coordinated and devastating attack against their Christian neighbors. The death toll from the terrorist attack has soared past 200 and over 450 people were […]

This week is Holy Week. For Christians across the globe, this week marks the anniversary of the most important and momentous moments in human history. As such, the crowds of pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land swell, and their numbers […]

Christianity used to be the dominant religion in the Western World. Now, it seems that there are fewer and fewer places where Christians can openly practice their faith without facing condemnation. Among the areas where Christianity has become unwelcome is […]

Firefighters in West Virginia got an unexpected miracle just a few days before Lent began. On Sunday, March 3, 2019, members of the Coal City Fire Department in southern West Virginia tackled a devastating fire that destroyed a local church. […]

The end is neigh according to Jerusalem Channel presenter Christine Darg. Darg released a video in which she discussed the book of Ezekiel and identified several of the mysterious nations with modern day countries. “Many believers have swallowed the lie that […]

Christians hoping to celebrate the New Year with a religious calendar are in for a nasty surprise. Those living in China’s Henan province recently learned that such things have been forbidden by the regime as part of its ever increasing […]

Christian persecution is rising. Christians in Western countries face increasing pressure to hide their beliefs like a shameful secret, and practicing Christians in the Middle East, Africa and Asia face imprisonment, torture and death if they are caught. None of […]

Yet another Old Testament city may have been uncovered in Israel. A team of archaeologists headed by Dr. Scott Stripling may have finally revealed the biblical city of Ai, a Canaanite city ambushed by the Israelites in the Book of […]

The story of the Exodus is one of the most important accounts in the Bible. It forms the foundation for the rest of the Old Testament and heavily influences the New Testament. Echoes of its power can still be felt […]