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Brenton Winn, a former drug addict had vandalized Central Baptist Church in Conway, Ark., 6 months prior. Then the miraculous happened! Winn is now sharing his miraculous encounter with God and how he found redemption through Him. Winn had a …Read More

A limited-edition sneaker named “Jesus Shoes,” filled with holy water in the soles and blessed by a priest, sold within minutes of release. While these shoes went for more than $3,000, that didn’t stop them from selling out quickly. Less …Read More

Pope Francis’ longtime atheist friend and interviewer, Eugenio Scalfari says that the Pope told him that once Jesus Christ became incarnate, he was a “man of exceptional virtues” but “not at all God” according to an October edition of La …Read More

Hongyi Yang, a former international student who moved from China to the United States grew up in southwest China believing God was a myth. It wasn’t until she heard a message about God’s love that her faith was transformed. Yang …Read More

“He was so shiny and bright,” he shared. Pastor David Platt of McLean Bible Church, who is also an author and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board, recently hosted a simulcast called “Something Needs to Change.” …Read More

A mosaic discovered in the remains of an ancient church in Israel may depict Jesus’ miracle of the loaves and fishes and also point to the location where the miracle originally took place. The mosaic which was uncovered at the …Read More

An Illinois church is bring their church service to local inmates and it’s transforming its local county jail system. The church services have only been taking place for three months at the Jasper County jail; however, employees and inmates are …Read More

Atheists are not happy about this. In a 7 to 2 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that a 40-foot cross built as a tribute to the military dead may remain on public land in Bladensburg Maryland. The Supreme Court ruled …Read More

A photograph shows markings on a turtle’s shell that closely resembles the word “God.”, an online fact-checking site and reference source determined the authenticity of the photograph is real. The Facebook page “Country n Garden” recently shared an image …Read More

Communist North Korea will soon get hit with a massive new radio signal carrying the message of Christ’s love, CBN News reports. “It’s an AM station, 250,000 watts, which will clearly cover North Korea,” said Ed Cannon, president of Fart …Read More