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“Take off from here. And don’t be so earnest, let others wear the sackcloth and the ashes. Let go, let fly, forget. You’ve listened long enough. Now strike your note.” From “Station Island,” by Seamus Heaney

I caught the following conversation between two pretty women in the ladies’ room of a Manhattan restaurant. One of the women was pregnant. And she said, “So my acupuncturist made me take the ring out of my belly button.” “Really?” …Read More

Well, it is that time of year again when you go to a wedding and come home chattering over how painful some of the wedding toasts were. The warm, loving wedding toast seems to have fallen by the wayside in …Read More

It bothers me that Al Gore is holding onto the weight he’s gained. Not because I’m anti-fat. Not because I want him to run again. But because I’ve always believed that his weight gain was due to the personal trauma …Read More

I once wrote an article for “The Washington Post” about the dreams people have about Washington D.C. Turns out lots of people have dreams that involve the Washington Monument. When I queried a Jungian analyst on this, we both agreed …Read More

It’s hard not to notice that a lot of guys are assuming the Ken Wilber/Moby/Andre Agassi look not because they’re losing their hair anyway, but because it’s now cool to be “bold” (the new word for bald). Here’s an article …Read More

I am sitting in the pristine examining room of Dr. O. Alton Barron, Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Attending Physician, CV Starr Hand Surgery Center, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. As luck would …Read More

Here’s an especially delightful paper on the roots of the British Royal Family’s allegiance to homeopathy, the style of healthcare management that involves ingesting tiny pellets of greatly dilluted medicinal substances. Thanks to CM reader Lisa, who reminded me of …Read More

Want a little inspiration to fuel your Valentine’s Day ardor? Check out this website of historic love letters by famous composers, politicians, writers, poets, and others. Some samples: From Abigail Adams to John Adams, December, 1782: I look back to …Read More

You may know that your Grandpa Frank hailed from Missouri, or that your Great Aunt Angie cooked Italian, but do you know your religious genealogy? Have you researched the religious beliefs and development of your forebears? I’d love to get …Read More