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When I finally got around to thanking Dr. Susan Corso for filling in at Chattering Mind while I was absent in late May, she sent me a warm note that ended with the sign-off “Be especially blest!” Good one. I’ve …Read More

“Pregnant women who drink more than three cups of coffee a day are more likely to have miscarriages than women who drink less.” Hmmm. That old maxim “Everything in moderation” holds true again and again, doesn’t it? Here’s a blog …Read More

Now that my son is a true teenager, he’s been asking to see films made for mature audiences. Films like Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” (which he learned from Ty Burr’s book “The Best Old Movies for Families” can be a hair-raising …Read More

Good news for Lindsay Lohan: in her next film she’s scheduled to co-star with Shirley MacLaine! Any exposure to this meditating mama of the New Age could help Lohan tremendously. MacLaine does an hour of xigong every morning, and once …Read More

I was in a mainstream grocery store today and I purchased a People magazine at the register because I actually wanted to read about Lindsay Lohan’s recent, public problems with drugs and alcohol. “From adorable child star to out-of-control party …Read More

World Environment Day is Tuesday, June 5th. Here are 77 ways to celebrate.

Last week, we were talking in the posts about the pain of nightly jaw grinding. As it happens, this month’s Alternative Medicine magazine (now on newstands) has a whole article on the subject of TMJD, which stands for temporo-mandibular joint …Read More

Here’s fantastic summer reading for you: “Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction to His Life and Work” by Gary Lachman, a founding member of the band Blondie and a gifted British author who started reading Steiner’s books in the 1980s. Lachman chronicles …Read More

Some months after witnessing my mother’s death, I took a “Moment of Death” workshop with Patricia Shelton, founding teacher of the Clear Light Society. I have to say, Shelton (or ZenMa, as she likes to be called) opened my eyes …Read More

Oh, this gallery of angels evident in everyday life is really lovely. The photos were sent in by readers. Please take a look!