Thanks to astrologer Shelley Ackerman for alerting me to this article about Buddhist cave paintings from the 12th century, recently discovered by a shepherd seeking shelter from the rain 60 miles northwest of Katmandu, Nepal. Consisting of 55 depictions of the Buddha’s life, experts consider this ancient mural a very “rich find.”

While shopping for ways to decorate the space we’ve rented for our son’s bar mitzvah celebration, I found these hanging lights and these beaded curtains. Aren’t they beautiful? If beaded curtains aren’t your thing, look at these hanging wall panels! The whole Mystic Dreams Shoppe seems pretty special. Here’s a link to its homepage.

“Facing Inward” blogger Julie wrote this regarding my recent post on Ricki Lake’s documentary “The Business of Birthing.” “I don’t think the natural childbirth movement is “over”–but it is so hard. Yes, women have choices, but the choices are so minimal in any respect. If you choose homebirth, you and your midwife risk intervention. In…

Lately, I’ve been totally turned off by the cruise industry: tales of people drinking to excess and falling overboard, problems with viruses and bad food. Who would want to be stuck on an overloaded pleasure boat with pool water sloshing back and forth, disco-dancing boozers, and lonely wayfarers longing for all-you-can-eat desserts? Sorry, my imagination…

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