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Rush Limbaugh slips up at times, especially when he’s trying to be funny. He’s also an old-time values guy, which pleases some and turns off other radio listeners — usually the former as the man has forged a remarkable career. …Read More

He was calm, cool and collected and ready to be vice president should there be an opening in just about three weeks. Paul Ryan comported himself very well at the vice president’s debate, or whatever it was called, Thursday night. …Read More

While perhaps not the most serious actor around, there’s always something earnest and likeable about Scott Baio. I can especially say that now since I am no longer jealous of him for being such a “babe magnet” from his time …Read More

At 6’5, 275 pounds and often flashing a gap-tooth grin former New York Giants star Michael Strahan is hard to miss. He’ll be even more difficult to miss soon when he takes over as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on ABC’s Live. …Read More

From coast to coast and all points in between Andy Griffith was indeed America’s sherriff. Using measures of love, compassion and humor with those around him Griffith made Mayberry, Nc come to life. It’s cool for me to see the …Read More

There’s NO WAY Howie Mandel could do it! Drew Carey’s job as host of daytime game-show The Price Is Right, that is. Carey shakes hands, often, gets squeezed … HARD! and seems to love every second of it. The former …Read More

I respect the heck out of the great Roger Federer. I appreciate the toughness and passion behind Rafael Nadal, especially his heartfelt remarks about 9/11 over the years. Why haven’t I yet warmed up to the new No.1 tennis player …Read More

I dedicate this post to my dearly departed brother, Augie, who left this earth over the weekend at the all-too-early age of 52. I already miss him! Watching television with my oldest brother, Augie, was always an experience. He could …Read More

Hey, I love my cheeseburgers, hot dogs, fries and turnovers as much as anyone … but in the SAME lunch? That’s what Hardee’s is offering, and I didn’t even mention the drink … all for $5 … according to its …Read More