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A recent newspaper article that indicated Twitter is some kind of fad that could come and go in the next few years seems kind of sad to me. The great equalizer in our society isn’t economic or legal or anything …Read More

As a ‘Southerner’ the last few years, it was not the way I wanted to see my hometown New York and Connecticut TV stations, but I was certainly glad DirecTV offered a ‘Sandy ‘ channel in recent days. The programmer …Read More

We keep pushing the envelope on taste and what’s acceptable in this country so far that even the bloated postal service couldn’t handle it. That may have not been the most clever sentence I have ever written, but it seems …Read More

With over 35 moves in my life, I’ve had most of the cable or satellite TV offerings that are available and one thing still holds true: DirecTV is still the best overall product. Let me clear, I don’t currently have …Read More

It seems like a good time to do an inspiring post about the best things about TV. No. 1 FOX News: The liberal left can whine all it wants about FOX News being slanted to the right, but I say …Read More

I was ticked when AT&T U-Verse recently removed ESPN3D from its programming block. Oh … I was ticked and still am, in fact. That channel was the main reason I spent a few hundred more bucks to get a 3DTV, …Read More

I am disappointed, to put it mildly. I purchased a 3DTV a few months ago with the hopes of watching movies and sports in a new dimension, literally. Come to find out, that U-Verse has dropped ESPN 3D from its …Read More

Looking to cut down on your bills, but not sure where to start? Believe it or not, your cable or satellite tab, anywhere from $50-$100 per month — I feel your pain — can be wiped out, or reduced, with …Read More

The introduction of high-definition television a few years back was literally an eye-opener. HDTV, as it is more often referred, makes images on the screen far clearer and brighter than the “old” standard definition television. The even more recent addition …Read More