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Perhaps it was trying to avoid the hassle of dealing with London traffic? Or maybe an awkward foray into American politics by not bumping into either The Romneys or Michelle Obama? Whatever the reason, a strange looking craft appeared to …Read More

I can’t get enough of Thanksgiving … the food or the sentiment. I also realized there were more things to list than I did in my previous feature about five things on television I am thankful for. Such as: Magazine …Read More

It would be better if I noticed more important things. And perhaps I shouldn’t even blog about this … but here goes. Bayer recently began airing an ad for a new extra strength formula product supposed to provide relief within …Read More

The footage is exciting, thrilling and it keeps us informed. But it also begs a question: is stormchasing, or any other kind of weatherchasing for that matter, such a good idea? It’s one thing for those poor reporters to have …Read More

Yes, his appearances have become corny, cheesy and painful to watch but Jerry Lewis is the face of MDA. Let him say goodbye for cryin’ out loud! The organization recently announced it was parting ways with Lewis after 45 years. …Read More