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OK, I’ll admit it … occasionally when I get angry or frustrated I use a curse word or two. I am not proud of that and I always feel disappointed and worse about it when I do. It’s not classy …Read More

Did NBC take a dive into the cesspool with Thursday’s announcement that Howard Stern will be a judge on the summer talent show America’s Got Talent? The show has had edgy hosts before in Piers Morgan, “The Hoff” and Howie …Read More

When I heard Piers Morgan had an announcement to make last week I was kind of hoping it would be that he is giving up his CNN talk show in order to continue on with NBC‘s America’s Got Talent. Morgan …Read More

“You know Matt, you’re in danger of becoming a parody of yourself,” said a relative once, in trying to hurt my feelings. I kind of know what he means, and I still do it. I press hard, sometimes too hard, …Read More