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OK, I’ll admit it … occasionally when I get angry or frustrated I use a curse word or two. I am not proud of that and I always feel disappointed and worse about it when I do. It’s not classy […]

Did NBC take a dive into the cesspool with Thursday’s announcement that Howard Stern will be a judge on the summer talent show America’s Got Talent? The show has had edgy hosts before in Piers Morgan, “The Hoff” and Howie […]

When I heard Piers Morgan had an announcement to make last week I was kind of hoping it would be that he is giving up his CNN talk show in order to continue on with NBC‘s America’s Got Talent. Morgan […]

“You know Matt, you’re in danger of becoming a parody of yourself,” said a relative once, in trying to hurt my feelings. I kind of know what he means, and I still do it. I press hard, sometimes too hard, […]