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Clint Eastwood is looking for hope and change when it comes to the 2012 presidential race. He apparently hopes Mitt Romney can change the course of a still-struggling economy that posted decent jobs growth this past month but is still […]

No, I didn’t see the movie Bridesmaids and something tells me I didn’t have to see it in order to know what it was about: Women behaving badly … or as badly as their male counterparts in so many movies, […]

Let’s be honest here, OK? New Jersey deciding to fly its flags at half-staff for the death of Whitney Houston was a nice honor. The woman was a music superstar and it’s important some people take pride in her and […]

Ugh … no not my name … but I was SO wrong about Joe Namath for so many years. I would look at his sub-par statistics and think the guy MUST have been overrated. I know I wrote it already, […]

I usually think it’s schlocky and corny when they show Hollywood stars at events and games. I think that ticket should have gone to someone who REALLY wants to be there, not just someone a network can point out and […]

Just saw a report that Alec Baldwin was tossed off a plane for refusing to stop playing a game on his cell phone. It’s just another instance of him refusing to play by the rules and behave himself. It’s gotten […]

She was a super-cute kid actress who turned into a beautiful woman … unfortunately not on the inside. Lindsay Lohan was taken from an L.A. courtroom in handcuffs Wednesday and had bail set at $100,000 after  her probation was revoked […]

I know, I know … I come off as some kind of goody two-shoes sometimes. I just don’t know what’s so great about all those movies where people are getting drunk, throwing up, acting obnoxiously and wasting their time and […]

What would we do without Universal HD channel? That is the question I pondered Thursday afternoon when I checked out its schedule for the evening. First there was Finding John Christmas and A Town Without Christmas, followed by episodes of […]

I was ticked when AT&T U-Verse recently removed ESPN3D from its programming block. Oh … I was ticked and still am, in fact. That channel was the main reason I spent a few hundred more bucks to get a 3DTV, […]