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He has two arrests and a no contest on his “checkered” resume. He had a too-well reported on “ahem” operation to have something removed off a body part I will not mention. Mike “Boogie” Malin should not be anywhere NEAR …Read More

Pardon the grammar but “Beyond Scared Straight” ain’t no joke. The A&E series gives would be convicts a real look, a real CLOSE look, at what life behind bars would be like. What it IS like, actually. And it’s no …Read More

Too much has been said … and more importantly … done. Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who reportedly will resign AFTER the season in the wake of sex abuse charges against a former assistant coach, should leave NOW. The …Read More

She was a super-cute kid actress who turned into a beautiful woman … unfortunately not on the inside. Lindsay Lohan was taken from an L.A. courtroom in handcuffs Wednesday and had bail set at $100,000 after  her probation was revoked …Read More

The judge calling for a return of Casey Anthony to Orlando to possibly serve probation on a previous check fraud case is re-opening a can of worms. Anthony, already safely out of the state following a recent not-guilty finding in …Read More

Television producer Al Taylor claims he offered Casey Anthony $1 million for an exclusive TV interview to tell her side of the story in the death of her daughter. The whole world knows by now Casey Anthony was found not …Read More

Sometimes parents can learn a thing or two from their children. Such is the case with documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi. Her mother, in case you don’t know from the last name is Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the U.S. House …Read More

I like and admire Sean Hannity, a great deal. Those of you who read this blog on a semi-regular basis probably know that already. But when the FOX TV commentator laughed and scoffed at radio commentator Mike Gallagher’s suggestion that …Read More

Casey Anthony will be released from prison in less than a week with time served after lying to authorities in the matter of the death/murder of her child. It was a sad and sordid case in which we may never …Read More

I believe all babies and children go to heaven when they die. It gives me some peace to know that, especially after things happen like the Casey Anthony murder trial. It made for riveting television watching the jury decision come …Read More