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Woof, woof! Again? Ugh! Arsenio Hall has apparently parlayed his win on the most recent Celebrity Apprentice into another shot at a late night show. While Donald Trump’s show can be entertaining, if a bit cut-throat at times, for numerous …Read More

I am a New York Giants fan … first and foremost. But while I appreciate Eli Manning’s development as a quarterback and person, I can’t say enough good things about his older brother, Peyton, the perhaps soon-to-be ex Indianapolis Colts …Read More

Pathetic. That’s the best way to describe Alec Baldwin’s appearance on ‘SNL’ the other night. It took me this long to opine because I only saw the ‘skit’ Monday morning on Today. I haven’t stayed up to watch SNL for …Read More

If Fallon, Nevada ISN’T named after Jimmy Fallon, NBC‘s late night talk show host …. well it SHOULD be! His dead-ringer impression, pardon the expression, of Jim Morrison the former front-man of The Doors is amazing. And his stint as …Read More