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I’m am generally not a fan of NFL pregame shows, but I always enjoyed Frank Caliendo’s work on FOX NFL Sunday for the past dozen years. His “relationship” with the show abruptly ended prior to this season, however, when Caliendo …Read More

To be continued? Hopefully not! Oh, go on … or perhaps don’t go on would be better! OK, I got all the puns out of my system, for now. Trouble is, I also got the new Matthew Perry/NBC series “Go …Read More

OK, as if I don’t make some people angry enough writing about one television topic, I am going to try to take on several in one feature. There was plenty of brouhaha over Al Roker’s comment to Matt Lauer about …Read More

Tim Allen hasn’t changed much in  recent years, and for that we can ALL be thankful! The once-troubled ex-con turned comedian turned television star is still making us laugh in his latest ABC comedy, Last Man Standing. Allen flourished with …Read More

Perhaps it was trying to avoid the hassle of dealing with London traffic? Or maybe an awkward foray into American politics by not bumping into either The Romneys or Michelle Obama? Whatever the reason, a strange looking craft appeared to …Read More

Woof, woof! Again? Ugh! Arsenio Hall has apparently parlayed his win on the most recent Celebrity Apprentice into another shot at a late night show. While Donald Trump’s show can be entertaining, if a bit cut-throat at times, for numerous …Read More

No matter how many times I’ve seen it, Salma Hayek’s ad for Got Milk? makes me laugh. How many of us have endured the same type of stuff, being out of a crucial grocery item and having to go out …Read More

They’re useless and painful to watch. They annoy the heck out of the coach and probably the poor sideline reporters that have to “conduct” them: They are the in-game interview with the coaches and they must stop NOW! You’ve seen …Read More

We have so many reality shows these days, and some of them are pretty good and interesting. Most of them we all could quite honestly do without. Well, Quilted Northern bathroom tissue, with a recent ad campaign wants to bring …Read More

For every one of Geico’s ads that are funny or clever, to me, there are about 20 or more that miss the mark. The reason I write about this is because Geico seems to be the only advertiser on TV …Read More