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Right from the beginning of this season of FOX’s reality cooking show Masterchef Christine Ha pulled at more than just the apron strings. The blind chef tugged at the heart strings as well with her amazing cooking ability and humble …Read More

Outside of Mitt Romney perhaps one other person can be the job “saver” or creator the United States REALLY needs right now: Gordon Ramsay. Yes, or “yah” as he would say, Ramsay comes off as arrogant, harsh and even cocky …Read More

I LOVE my trip to Wendy’s every couple of weeks because I enjoy their burgers and their salads. Yes … that’s right the salads. Wendy’s has some of the most creative ones around and I still say it’s good to …Read More

My oldest brother is not going to be happy with me for this, as he doesn’t suffer fools or celebrity chefs lightly, but I enjoy watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on FOX. Augie, Sacramento’s first-ever four-star chef a few years …Read More

Goodbye ‘King’ … we hardly knew ye. Burger King will reportedly drop use of the statuesque ‘King’, which I did not think was such a great advertising face to begin with. Some people think he looked a little creepy and …Read More

When Man Vs Food is on, I will travel to another channel, at least if its toward the end of the program. The Travel Channel show is informative and interesting when it comes to showing how food is prepared and …Read More

OK, I’ll admit it. I LOVE that commercial for magnetic screens where people and pets can push their way through without having to continually open and shut doors. (Oh, the things we have to endure in this nation!) The people …Read More

Perhaps it was the economy. Perhaps the backers, like the well  known Bobby Flay and Curtis Stone, didn’t back it enough. Or maybe three restaurant openings across the country at the same time were too much. Whatever the reason, America’s …Read More

Is it possible the United Kingdom is even more jaded than the United States? After reading a review in the UK Metro of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which just wrapped up its season Friday on ABC, I would say yes. …Read More

They may be movie stars, but the father and daughter tandem of Paul and Mira Sorvino are people too. Mira, in fact, is a bit of a doting daughter these days due to her dad’s diabetes. The pair were on …Read More