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First for the good: congratulations are in order for NBC’s Today Show in reaching it’s 60th year on air.

Heck, getting to 60 days on air now is a good accomplishment and one we’ll see if the new CBS Morning Show can reach.

OK, it should get there … bit of a cheap shot/joke aside.

It’s just that watching all the Today show anchors gather as they did Friday made them hppy but me a little sadder.

ex-Today co-host Bryant Gumbel


Because the “art” of journalism has been lost over the years thanks to these self-important TV journos.

Barbara Walters, for instance, has done some good and important work over the years but she chose to remember one key event to remember on the Today anniversary show.

“We probably did more on Watergate than any other program,” Walters recalled.

THAT of all things was your trademark Ms. Walters? I would argue that while President Nixon was a bit paranoid and shouldn’t have bugged his office and wire-tapped calls, Watergate was entirely blown out of proportion.


Because like some other presidents we have had, amazingly despite an overwhelmingly liberal media, Nixon happened to be a Republican.

Just as in today’s politics, there is a palpable joy among newspaper and TV reporters when Republicans “mess up” or implode:  (see the current Newt Gingrich/Mitt Romney battle for example).

President Obama, who will have overseen $6 trillion in deficit spending in 4 years in office while going through chiefs of staffs like some of us go through bottled water, meanwhile, goes mostly unquestioned by the media.

Does it have anything to do with him being a VERY liberal Democrat? You be the judge of that….

It was interesting to see Tom Brokaw, Katie Couric, Hugh Downs and Jane Pauley discuss themselves and TV news Friday morning.

But it was a little sad, too.

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