Celestial Sons and Daughters

 Sebastian Boguszewicz

Sebastian Boguszewicz

My beliefs are tentative. I must push the envelope when it comes to incoming “truths” and apply them only to my personal experience for confirmation. In true North-Node-3rd-house-Aries fashion, this often befuddles the heck out of me, but I see that as a good habit, and certainly never boring! 

In the attempt to not overly identify with any aspect life presents me, one area I find consistently available—and always refer to in times of doubt—is my inner landscape. There I find the five elements waiting to guide me back to a daily internal balance. Because daily, I slip away from the balance, sometimes far, sometimes subtly so, but slip I do.

For me, meditation on the elements is like taking an inner shower; I clean my body as I rest in my connection to earth, water, fire, air, and space.

This is the first in a series of articles on the elements, their features, and their relation to our subjective behavior. Today I address the earth element, as it applies to my life, loosely based on my astrological chart. For simplicity, I’ll stick to major influences in the chart and leave other energies to hum around, for now.


Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter in earthy Virgo offer me the opportunity for a supercharged earth element—that’s if I can access the energy and ground it properly. For those readers new to Greek myth, let’s have a quick lowdown on links to those three planets in myth, and the following astrological effects:

Uranus: Cross Che Guevara with an electric eel, and you get the first hint of what Uranus could represent in action. It can be a productive or counterproductive force, which depends on its location and condition in the astrological chart. Wherever Uranus activates its energy, though, you’ll find the potential for wide-ranging changes, affecting mind, body, and soul for personal evolution.

Pluto: Renovation is Pluto’s main theme, without much care to what the architect or the homeowner thinks of the proposed changes. It’s not lightning-fast Uranus, but possibly far more thorough because of it. You go away for a vacation, and you come back to your house demolished and workers signaling you to come help rebuild the foundation. No questions, no answers, just do it. This energy has the potential to transform your life if you let it. Resistance is futile 😉

Jupiter: In a word: amplification. Jupiter gets you the backstage passes to the Black Keys, has you dancing until morning and taking care of business throughout the day. Luck, education, huzzah! Jupiter is an all-around generous influence to whatever it touches. Take care, though, depending on the placement in and transits to the astrological chart, it’s an energy that could lead to excess.


As destiny would have it, my earth-sign planets have heavy fire attached to them by aspect. This   means I experience an uncomfortably dry earth. I refer to the Dzogchen teachings, where I find several features describing my lack of earth: dissatisfied, restless, and ever searching…

It is more than difficult to ground myself, though the potential for doing so is clear. So, what do I do? I encourage my water-sign planets in activities to irrigate the earth and subdue the fire. Granted, this creates some steam at first (it feels awkward yet fitting, for a time), but I trust in this balancing technique enough to let it play out.

I choose to exercise my Neptune and Chiron trine in water signs Scorpio (11th house) and Pisces (3rd house) by writing a novel about a marine biologist healing from trauma, with great detail focused on oceanic surrealism supporting the courage to transcend belief. Additionally, I employ my Moon (ruling water-sign Cancer in my 8th house Leo) to connect to spirits on shamanic journeys.

Swimming, drinking extra water, and meditating on my connection to water round out the activities to temper my fiery earth. These exercises are my medicine.

After taking (practicing) medicine for many years, I see a difference. Some days I need to pay less attention to earth, some days ask for my complete attention; all days it is my privilege to inhabit the discipline. The natural elements are on my side.

How do you experience your natural elements?


With Israel in for another volatile right-wing government term, I’m replacing the pressure I feel with a more focused look on medical astrology. I wasn’t always a nervous over-thinker; I used to be a peaceful Vancouverite in Canada, minding my own business with the Pacific kelp, daydreaming, recycling, and cycling to work. Destiny had me marry my ex-husband, the Israeli—not me.

I am glad, though.

My three girls can stand up to take credit as the colossally positive group event that changed the game plan forever. Geography just happened to be part of the bargain. So be it, I’m Israeli. But this is not a piece on politics—it’s about astrology and health. I recently left an editorial career to focus on cosmology and healing. This act changed my life in remarkable ways.

In the work by the Limbourg brothers below, we see the anatomical-astrological human. The painting shows clearly how the signs of the zodiac govern each part of the body, and the Latin inscriptions in the four corners describe corresponding elements and attitudes that complement the four directions:

“Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are warm and dry, choleric, masculine, Eastern in the upper left; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are cold and dry, melancholy, female, Western in the upper right; Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are hot and humid, sanguine, masculine, Southern in the lower left; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are cold and wet, phlegmatic, feminine, Northern in the lower right.”

Information on disharmony and its underlying cause(s) can be gleaned from the natal chart, leading to appropriate treatment methods and the optimal time to start the healing process.


As an intuitive astrologer, I come across the oddest bits of potential gold sitting placidly on the sidelines of energetically blocked people. My own chart shows blocks, the new neighbor’s chart shows blocks, and they even show in the astonishingly dreamy couple’s chart who finally married after 20 years of cohabitation—in a tent.

I took an oath three weeks ago:

Universe, I do solemnly swear to uphold your laws for the good of humankind, to the best of my abilities, from this day forward until I pass through your undoubtedly groovy portal into the Ether.

Each person has an intimately different approach to reaching his or her health and wellness goals. Often inappropriate attention is the toxin that steals our energy and blocks the route to well-being. Typical examples include excessive worry, co-dependency, and eating habits working against one’s unique metabolism. Any one imbalance can stress the entire health system. If left unattended, fatigue, sickness or injury can result. In my work, I distract the overused attention by working out a better route through harmonious aspects present in the chart. Think GPS for the soul!


Astrologically speaking, we can localize the blockage/pattern/habit by keeping it in mind for transformation, but more on inner alchemy in another post. By redirecting our natural elements, we prepare ourselves for simple changes. We divert the attention given to the pattern by activating other, more favorable, planetary aspects present in the chart often having to do with elemental imbalance. These are the antidotes to toxic blockades drawn from a close analysis of the telling birth chart. An easy yet disciplined series of elemental exercises (earth, air, water, fire) create the diversion, and we’re off to the quietude of the subtle mind… ahhh… One can see the benefits of yogic practice as a common example of systemic change.

Finding the patterns to identify these subjective aspects in the natal chart—whether physical, intellectual, or emotional—is personally how I take five from the stress collected from living in Israel.




One. Stop. Just stop everything you’re doing, even for forty seconds, and focus on the miracle of your breathing. It is an intimate exchange for you alone.

Two. Recognize your space in the world. Let the world breathe with you. Look around and place yourself in your environment as an equal material energy. Practice self compassion.

Three. Place your attention on an issue that you feel blocks full, interactive living. Prepare this issue for transformation by letting it know things are about to change.

Four. Breathe in this issue with a long, healthy lungful of love; breathe out this issue with the same love and the intent to feel free. Nostril breathing is especially effective.

Five. Smile with every cell in your body.

This exercise can take 10 seconds or 10 days! If we observe ourselves regularly, a clarity appears and our schedule for transformation will show itself. How these blockages occur is unique to each individual, explaining why one method of healing does not meet everyone’s needs.

For me, medical astrology acts as the tracker-topographer of my inner volcanoes waiting to rumble and trip me up. The trick is to engage their energy before the explosion and to use that magmatic power to energize an authoritative mercurial attention that lies in equal waiting—invisible if it were not for the stopping, recognizing, internalizing, breathing, and smiling.

Take five…

High five!

Hello Beliefnet Community! I’m Sherrill Layton, a life practitioner in Israel, grateful for the opportunity to share synastry relationship astrology with you. In this series, we explore the weavings of love and general relationships by serving the BN Community with an advice column. I’d like tell you a bit about myself before we launch into my life’s passions—truth and love.

Born a Catholic, I studied several faiths until I realized I embrace them all within my heart; I’m a “free agent!” My inner being knows God on an intimate and subjective level, much like our love relationships on Earth. Sometimes I’m in direct contact with my spiritual knowledge, other times I need to search with all my being and my heart—when I find it, it has changed because I have changed.

We experience faith in our own ways. To me, it’s a private adventure yet one that connects us all; that’s my definition of spirituality.

Here at Beliefnet, I’m flying through the wonderful array of information before me, hoping to add my personal approach to helping those who wish to manage their loving presence through “synastry.”

What Is Synastry Astrology?
syn·as·try – səˈnastrē, ‘sinəstrē/
noun: the comparison between the horoscopes of two or more people to discover their likely compatibility and relationship.


Origin from the mid-17th century: from Latin, from Greek sunastria, from sun- “together” + astēr, astr – “star.”

Personal growth involves effort, and interpersonal growth is no different. Relationships become easier to manage when we educate ourselves to the potential benefits and challenges presented by interacting planetary influences. Relationships vary, as do hearts, each one unique and all deserving love… If partners are ready to work on their relationship, information gathered from studying the planets can create tools for growth, both individually and as a couple.

If two charts show many aspects, then the flow of energy between the couple is active, perhaps excessively so; where there is less action, we find fewer aspects—simple! The aspects show greater or lesser aptitude in managing optimism, shared interests, sexual style, connective skills, and bond durability, among other features that arise when two people “orbit” each other. The more difficult aspects offer life-changing growth opportunities. A simply harmonious synastry chart may not hold the friction necessary for interpersonal growth, resulting in stagnancy.

In synastry analysis, I consider individual horoscopes before I take on the synastry between them. The maturity level shows how zodiac signs present their strengths and weaknesses. Yes! We have them! The good news is it gives us a fresh perspective to examine our living and loving habits.

Healthy Living through Self-Observation
Do you need some shaking up? I know I do; every dawn holds the promise of God’s love, and I need to be an intimate part of that.

I am. I can. I wish.

Introspective exploration with astrology can be more than just interesting. I see the analysis of a birth chart as a tool, as necessary equipment for self-discovery. We can explore how we express ourselves into our relationship, with and not at others. By researching our personal energy, we become interactive in our lives in a new way—we no longer need to sit on the sidelines to let external forces control the quality of our presence.

My focus is to balance the natural elements in the charts. One person’s earth, water, fire, air, and space interrelate with the same elements in another. You can count on the levels being in consistent flux. Navigation is necessary and great fun.

I’m happy to start receiving horoscopes for analysis. Please send your and your partner’s dd/mm/yy/time and place of birth and one specific question to: to receive astrological advice here on Beliefnet—the spark is just the beginning!

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* The services and information offered here are complementary to, and not a substitute for, professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment.