Celestial Sons and Daughters

My beliefs are tentative. I must push the envelope when it comes to incoming “truths” and apply them only to my personal experience for confirmation. In true North-Node-3rd-house-Aries fashion, this often befuddles the heck out of me, but I see ...Read More

  With Israel in for another volatile right-wing government term, I’m replacing the pressure I feel with a more focused look on medical astrology. I wasn’t always a nervous over-thinker; I used to be a peaceful Vancouverite in Canada, minding my ...Read More

Hello Beliefnet Community! I’m Sherrill Layton, a life practitioner in Israel, grateful for the opportunity to share synastry relationship astrology with you. In this series, we explore the weavings of love and general relationships by serving the BN Community with an advice column. ...Read More