Casting Stones

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California provided the first real case in which we have real data on how Jews voted in the Democratic primaries. The verdict? A tie. Among the 5% of the Democratic electorate in California, 48% went to Clinton, 44% to Obama.

Given how well Huckabee has done tonight, I cant help but wonder: all the conservatives who hate John McCain, why did they rally around Romney, who’s not conservative, instead of Huckabee, who is? Part of the answer is that the …Read More

The conventional wisdom is that Huckabee is slipping because he has not expanded beyond his evangelical base. That’s wrong. He’s losing because he’s not even winning his evangelical base. In Michigan, Huckabee won only 29% of evangelicals, less even than …Read More

Though it wasn’t the main story line Tuesday, we did learn a few interesting things about the evangelical vote: Huckabee doesn’t have it locked up. Amazingly, he got only 28% of the evangelical vote in New Hampshire. Are there regional …Read More

Get this: Huckabee won only 28% of the evangelicals who voted in the Republican primary. He, Romney and McCain basically tied.

When Hillary said during her New Hampshire victory speech, “Over the last week, I listened to you, and in the process I found my own voice,” I snorted. It seemed odd that after campaigning for a year, she would only …Read More

Obama won among people who feel like the economy is doing well and Hillary won among those who disagreed. Obama won among college graduates, Hillary won among those who didnt graduate college. If this pattern persist, Obama will lose. Mondale/Hart. …Read More

Holy Moly. Evangelicals made up 21% of the New Hampshire Republican voters — and went 32% for Huckabee and 31% for McCain, who was supposedly loathed by religious Christians. Exhibit #838 that we need to recalibrate our understanding of evangelical …Read More

Everyone is assuming that Huckabee’s only chance is down south in the Bible belt. But before they get to South Carolina, where he should do well, they hit Michigan. We don’t tend to think of Michigan as an evangelical state …Read More

I basically agree with David Kuo and Rod Dreher that Huckabee’s victory cannot be dismissed as an evangelical fluke – a la Pat Robertson in 1988. Huckabee’s message and style are just too appealing to evaporate over night. BUT before …Read More