Casting Stones

That’s why you get asked the questions about your Christian position in the debates. If you don’t want to handle Christians questions, why did you advertise as a Christian leader. You brought this on yourself.

And it was glorious! Told him what a Reagan conservative was! I’ll post a video when I can find one. I don’t like the format of the debate and there is way too much Romney and McCain time. And I …Read More

I hope he plans to draw a clear distinction between his conservatism and Huckabee’s (evidently, the term has been redefined) and that he doesn’t waste his time with Romney: “I think this is now a fight for the heart and …Read More

The dawn is spreading after years of darkness; it’s a new day in politics, one that is governed by hope and a belief that we can be different. That Obama can lead Democrats and Republicans into the promised land of …Read More

Guess who’s winning so far? Huckabee of course, is there any Christian candidate? Though, Obama and Thompson are tied for second 🙂 Ron Paul is only at 6.5%, I guess the Paulians haven’t discovered the poll yet. (via)

Back to populism again: I notice that he didn’t mention that he raised taxes as well and that he left the state with a surplus (which means the tax payers were over taxed).Allahpundit thinks it’s an implied negative ad against …Read More

There’s a push by the Democrats, who are limited to Hillary, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel in their primary, to mess with the Republican nomination by voting for Huckabee. This is the same group of Democrats who voted for McCain …Read More

You couldn’t have more of a status quo vote than McCain and Clinton.

But it’s not all Obamania Secretary of State William Gardner has predicted 260,000 Granite Staters will vote in the Democratic primary and 240,000 will vote in the Republican primary. He predicted that 150,000 undeclared voters will cast votes – 90,000 …Read More

Obamania! So, tell me how the Republicans win against this in November? From Drudge: Secretary of State is making runs to Seacoast – Hampton, Portsmouth – and Southern Hillsborough – Pelham, Nashua – to bring extra democratic ballots. Many towns …Read More