Casting Stones

Sarah Palin electrified the Republican National Convention last week. The Democrats are still smarting from her one-liners, and senior McCain advisors have to be concerned that, while she excites the party’s base, she also outshines the candidate. They will, no …Read More

Americans United for Church and State just released this statement on Obama’s plans for a President’s Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships: OBAMA SUPPORT FOR EXPANSION OF ‘FAITH-BASED’ PROGRAM IS DISAPPOINTING, SAYS AMERICANS UNITED But Watchdog Group Says Candidate’s Opposition …Read More

Remarks at AIPAC Policy Conference Senator Barack Obama June 4, 2008 As Prepared for Delivery It’s great to see so many friends from across the country. I want to congratulate Howard Friedman, David Victor and Howard Kohr on a successful …Read More

As Prepared for Delivery“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.” Two hundred and twenty one years ago, in a hall that still stands across the street, a group of men gathered and, with these simple words, …Read More

David Kuo argues that Obama will benefit from casting Hillary Clinton’s Kumbaya talk about possibly choosing him as her presidential running mate: [A]s these things often do, this will backfire. She has given Sen. Obama the thing he didn’t have …Read More

Here’s an open invitation to take Beliefnet’s faith and politics ’08 poll. This is your chance to weigh in on the most faith-based presidential campaign in memory. We should have results next week.

The Iowa caucuses delivered a pair of dramatic upsets as Barack Obama, just three years into his first Senate term, racked up a strong first-place finish while the once seemingly inevitable Hillary Clinton finished third and as Mike Huckabee bested …Read More

By Steve Strang, founder and publisher of Charisma magazine and a supporter of Mike Huckabee for president As a Christian, my faith is the most important thing in my life. It defines where I work, the friends I have, who …Read More

By Mark DeMoss, president of The DeMoss Group and a supporter of Mitt Romney for President I have something in common with Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and, Mike Huckabee—we all claim affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention, meaning …Read More

By Richard Land Mitt Romney gave an eloquent defense of the positive and crucial rule that religion has played in our nation’s history from the first settlements down to the present day. In that regard, Gov. Romney performed an important …Read More